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About The Founder 

Zainab Parsania, the founder of Mind Flow Harmony was born and bred in India. A bright learner and a meticulous person, Zainab took up Hospitality as a profession in her 20s and proved her diligence towards every setting she was cast at. The Corporate Hospitality Industry had her spend 15 years of her life in 5 different countries that included Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and India, where she met people from different walks of life, made innumerable friends and acquaintances but there was always something that didn’t quite seem right within herself.


Zainab grew up a very reserved child and hence struggled with understanding herself which led to difficult relationships with family and friends right up to her 20s. After having achieved success in her professional life, she often experienced periods of chronic stress, went through bouts of depression and insomnia that left her awake for nights in a row. Feeling overwhelmed, and helpless as life became intolerable, she was not able to understand her feelings and why her body often ached. She reached a point where she wanted to give up on life.


Soon after she found herself at the onset of self-discovery through Vipassana, Meditation and Yoga which led her to overcome her life adversities. Being guided under the best of gurus in Rishikesh, India, Zainab has completed hundreds of hours of meditation in training, and today

Today she has embarked on yet another, to help and influence others with similar concerns. Zainab lives in the UK and is undertaking guided meditation and yoga classes.

Her Journey into Self Awareness  

While on a break from her professional life, Zainab returned to India when, a close friend advised Zainab to take up Vipassana for 10 days, for the pain that she was in: Vipassana is a process of observing silence for a specified time period in order to achieve a deep interconnection between mind & body.  After having spent the 10 days of an incredible experience of Vipassana, she realised it had reset her brain and had made her much more aware of her inner self. Thus, she realised the importance of Meditation in our lives


After successfully completing her first Vipassana experience and the way it made her feel, she wanted to understand more and improve her mental and physical awareness which led her to explore further into Meditation and Yoga. To educate herself to an advanced level she spent several years studying and practising Meditation and Yoga with the world’s best gurus in their homeland; Rishikesh, India.


 Zainab believes that for many, Yoga and Meditation have been purely commercialised by many and has become a kind of trend without having a deeper knowledge of it. This probed her to want to help people with proper guidance and offer a need-based solution.


​Zainab has successfully completed a certificate of RYT which includes 500 hours of advance yoga teacher training, 230 hours of specialised meditation training. She has also completed 30 hours of training in Yoga Nidra from American Yoga Alliance. In total Zainab is trained and certified in 20 different types of meditation.


Why Choose Mind Flow Harmony ?

We take a personal approach to yoga and meditation starting with a complimentary ½ session to assess what you wish to achieve, how best we can help you and answer any questions you may have.

There are many options for mediation and yoga but at Mind Flow Harmony we take that time to understand you and your desired results.

We teach you the science behind meditation and yoga as this important to develop a deeper level of understanding to allow you to get results that are more effective.

The experience with Mind Flow Harmony is an interactive experience.

Mind Flow Harmony provides ongoing support and guidance.

Meet The Team

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Zainab Khan


Monica Chouhan

Ashtanga Teacher 

Certified and Registered  Meditation and Yoga Teacher  with Yoga Alliance 

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Yogesh Jakhmola
Anatomy Teacher 


Daniel Esplen BA MIH

Life Coach & Mentor 

Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring