Daniela Nistor is former international air hostess. Practising meditation for quite some time. She is pleased to share her amazing journey of transformation through meditation.

Overwhelmed by anxiety and worries I start looking for solutions when I stumbled upon meditation. I started at first with guided meditation on YouTube, some Deepak Chopra chakra toning meditations, which were short enough to start. It had a good balance in between information and practice, and I could easily focus on it. I had times when even five minutes felt long. Slowly I found that even that short meditation made me feel calm. It grasped that attention from building up worries to being in the present moment and concentrating on breathing or chanting. Even then sometimes the mind would go thinking about what I had to do that day or what could I have done better in that situation in the past. Once I realised it, I would bring back my attention to meditation.

The meditation gave me a moment of calmness, of presence. And it felt good because I was taking care of myself. Most of the time we do things for others or it feels that way because we are not in touch with ourselves. We are just running either to work, either to catch a bus or meeting with a friend, running errands, pay the bills, take the kid from nursery... You all know where I am going with this. The thing is we rarely take some time to check in with ourselves, with our bodies, with our soul.

When was the last time you asked yourself: “How are you feeling?” When was the last time you looked at your body closely? When was the last time you gave yourself a hug? Is hard to do that when you are not “in the here and now”.

Slowly, I start to dig deeper into it because I liked how it made me feel. It brought calm and clarity. It’s amazing when you realise how much space you create for those new bright ideas to rise now when you de cluttered your mind of daily noise.

My meditation practices in India made me realise that is very important to have someone to guide you through your journey to show you different techniques, different ways. All answers are within yourself, but inside yourself is dark and dusty. You did not go there in a long time. Is comforting to have someone guide you to your own answers.

Take a small step each day towards meditation and you will see how the world changes. Inside and outside of you. And this time you will be there to witness it in awe.

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