Meditate to connect to your Soul's Purpose

As a Soul Purpose Facilitator, I use a combination of science, coaching, and spiritual techniques to help my clients uncover their purpose on this earth and giving them the confidence to live that purpose. I believe if everyone was living from their purpose the world would be a much more compassionate place.

Meditation is the one tool that I always recommend to all of my clients to help them on this journey. It is something that they, and you, can do anywhere, anytime. There are numerous meditation techniques, which allow you to always find one that meets your needs where-ever you are at in that moment of time.

You may have heard the saying, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” In order for the spiritual being that we are to have this experience, it requires a level of ignorance. The ignorance that there is separateness, that you and I are different. This ignorance is the ego. I refer to the ego as the human side of us as many people confuse the term ego with a reference to someone who is arrogant.

The human side of you, is the part of you that is designed to detect threat and has the job of keeping you safe so that you can spend as much time as possible on this earth. This human side leaves you always wanting more in order that there is no fear that you will run out of resources to keep you safe and secure. It is also the voice in your head telling you, you are not pretty enough, smart enough, that you are not loveable enough. It fears rejection, for to be rejected from the tribe can result in death because power comes in numbers. This fear of rejection holds our spiritual selves back, always striving to fit in and live up to other people’s expectations rather than living our own truth and purpose. It is the voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough to chase your dreams because it wants you to stay in your comfort zone, which has kept you safe in the past so it wrongly presumes that it must be the best thing for you.

The human side of us is not the problem. Without the human side of us we would not be able to have a human experience. The problem begins to occur when we forget about the spiritual side of us. When we forget that we are here for a spiritual purpose. When we forget that we are so much more powerful than our thoughts or our physical body. We start to believe our human thoughts and take them for absolute truth, when in fact, our thoughts are only a matter of perception based on memories of the past.

Our spiritual side whispers to us when we start to go off course from our purpose. Unless you are well tunned to this, you may miss the whisper. If we don’t listen to that whisper or gentle nudge to correct your course, then it gets louder and louder. We get a feeling of emptiness, frustration, stickiness or like there should be more to this life. Eventually, it can manifest in several ways such as disease, addiction, anxiety or depression all of which, if left uncorrected will cause your life to shatter and really force you to listen.

How do I know this so well? Because this is my story and it is the same story that I see in many of my clients.

Meditation is a powerful tool that allows you to reconnect with your spiritual being. It gives you some distance from the human side and allows you to realise you are not what you think. You are a Divine Being. Meditation allows you to notice the patterns in your life that serve you and the ones that hold you back. It allows you to heal the physical body and ease the mind. Meditation allows you to connect and collaborate with the Divine Intelligence.

You were born into this body for a reason. You do have a Soul Purpose and the world is begging you to follow that purpose. I encourage you to meditate and connect with that spiritual side of you that knows this truth also. If you would like more information on how to uncover your Soul’s Purpose go to

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