I am pleased to share Sadhu ji's thoughts and point of view about meditation.

Sadhu Shri Is a meditation teacher in Rishikesh, where he has been practicing and teaching mediation for over 10 years, developing and supporting students on their quest for a greater understanding about themselves and has written this piece based on his experiences in helping educate and guide people in mediation and philosophy.

" Meditation reveals the divinity within YOU, by removing the veil of IGNORANCE- The Root cause of suffering" The word "Meditation"- originates from the Latin word "meditari", Whose Latin Root is "Mederi", which means 'to reflect upon' and ' to heal'. Meditation is thus a medicine for healing both physical and mental ailments. Meditation brings to the practitioner a feeling of serenity, Peace, Happiness, fulfilment, stability of emotions, intellectual poise and a capacity to bear the frustrations and disappointments of the life. Some people don't want to experience any thoughts or feelings at all, but this is not right attitude in meditation. thoughts and feelings are arising within the state of mind. By the daily practice the one is understanding that without being disturbed it can be the witness of all the feelings and thoughts.

When sitting in meditation and making the mind peaceful, all the thoughts and emotions arise in the beginning .But this is perfectly fine because our mind is conditioned to live in past and future, full with restlessness, when you are sitting in mediation we are changing the old conditioned and pattern of the mind.

It takes time depend on the consistency of our practice, just focus your mind on the object of mediation and nothing else. whenever the mind is affected by any thoughts or moods, there is a feeling or sensation in the mind, just let it come let it go, be equanimous. Whether thoughts are good or bad is unimportant. it is not necessary to make anything out of them, just let them pass away and return to your meditation.

If you are a beginner, you can start with very simple mindfulness practice of observing the natural flow of your breath.

Sit in a comfortable posture. relax the body and maintain the awareness of the breath entering and leaving at the entrance of the nostrils. Don't worry about the breath being either too long or too short. simply observe it without trying to control or suppress it in any way. In simple words " don't attach to anything". As you continue the mind will gradually lay things down and come to rest.

In the world of spirituality there are many techniques of meditation available but first understand what mediation is and why we are practicing it What is the purpose.?

All the mediation techniques and yogic exercise are an endeavour taken by millions of those avid curious beings who dared to go within...

Meditation is a science, means science is the subject to study, Analyse, contemplation, experimenting and experiencing at the experiential level same in meditation. We all should study the meditation as science then only it makes sense otherwise, it just remains the subject of some transcendental world, beyond the limits and all merely concepts and some religious practice.

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