Why do we shy away from speaking about mental disorders? Instead of encouraging people to seek help and supporting them, many of us prefer to judge, label and belittle people suffering from mental disorders. Why don’t we behave in a similar fashion when it comes to physical health and wellbeing? We don’t laugh at people for joining a gym or attending yoga classes, but we judge them for seeing a counsellor or a mental health specialist!

I had been a victim to myself and life’s challenging journey and realised something wasn’t quite right. After constant period of chronic stress, I went through about of depression and insomnia that left me awake for days and nights in a row. Feeling overwhelmed, and helpless, life was becoming in tolerable not able understanding my feelings and why my body ached, and I didn’t feel right. Reaching to a point I wanted to give up on my life.

Meditation helped and saved my life and I learned that they all are just feelings that we all experience time to time. Its part of every human experience. And I learned that we mostly don’t have to live with these emotions for anything more than from time to time. It’s ok to admit to feeling anxious or depressed, only by admitting to yourself and to the people that are close to you can end the suffering in silence.

Meditation is valuable and useful for anyone, but most especially for people who are struggling with mental illness. There’s a significant amount of research backing up its effectiveness.

Mental health awareness is good as it educates people and makes them aware, it also helps break down the stigma attached to mental health issues. By creating awareness and more understanding it helps people to stop suffering in silence and come forward to get the help they deserve and need, whether it be through meditation, support groups or specialised doctors.

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