I had a great experience with the course, it was thoughtfully carried out by all teachers with passion and love. The content was very interesting and relevant for both mothers to be as well as yoga instructors. The approach to prenatal yoga and meditation is holistic and mindful, which makes you feel in the hands of experts. I greatly recommend it!



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It was a great experience learning the prenatal yoga and meditation.

I never thought that prenatal yoga would have such a broad perspective.

By taking up this course which was a combination of asanas with their anatomy, meditation techniques with the knowledge of nutrition. I have become more confident now.

It was a complete package.

Gratitude to all the teachers



After completing my 200hr YTTC, I started teaching almost immediately to stay in touch with the teaching practices. Yoga being a practice that is meant to be spread and shared, I recently started teaching kids with a firm belief that children can benefit a lot from the results of the practice. Likewise, when my sister got pregnant, I realised I could also help to-be mommies in their beautiful journeys. Enrolling in the pre-natal and medication online workshop has been a stepping stone in the fulfilment of my vision. The course contents were straight to the point and could not have been explained so simply and concisely by the wonderful instructors. I am forever grateful to the team for their hard work in putting all the pieces together, patience for teaching, dedication to the practice and commitment to all of us. Thank you so so much. You guys R O C K.



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I liked this class. Lectures are arranged properly, it has been done in a manner where asanas, anatomy and meditation are arranged as per trimesters. I learned many things by attending this class. I highly recommend this class.




I have seen this course details from one of the Facebook group and connected through WhatsApp. 

 All the details and teaching methods are well defined and very satisfied. I am very grateful to all teachers who taught me the basic understanding of pregnancy through Anatomy, breath work, Nutrition, Asanas and Artwork. Prenatal is a vast area  and through this course, I learnt a lot  especially the soothing artwork impressed me a lot🥰

Throughout the course, I felt like the skills taught can help pregnant women and it really helped me to understand  the real connection of a mom with a baby🤰🏻.

This course really has boosted my confidence level to share my knowledge to help people.

Hearty thanks and congrats for this organisation for their upcoming courses too🙏😊🌈.

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Prenatal yoga is really very helpful in pregnancy....

It is  very sensitive topic to learn and understand...


I am very glad to have an anatomy expert Yogesh sir, meditation expert Zainab mam and yoga coach Divya mam...

With the help of them it becomes easy to understand of all the trimester...


 Such a great experience with all of them 🎊🎉✨


Thank you 🙏

From : Ritu Vaghasia...

Hi,I am Apoorva I want to share my ongoing journey of meditation, I initially I did 7 weeks course meditation course with Zainab which made me realise meditation is not just closing eye and sitting, I enrolled myself in advance meditation for a month. Before meditation I was like Monkey mind, jumping every second if I am doing some tasks, I used to fidget looking at my mobile, though I focused my concentration was on 10 things, I was never into the present moment, thinking things which I don’t know how to go about it, After joining the course, I started my meditation everyday day, I became calmer and increased my concentration. Meditation helped me in to live in the present moment. It also shows me the path of every difficult situation which sometimes I lose hope. It made a realise to live in the present moment enjoy the small pleasure of life and the most beautiful thing love yourself first.

-Thank you Zainab for flowering the seed of meditation in me, and yes friends my journey is still going. I am feeling blessed to a student of Zainab and yes will do it again to grow more ❤️



Apoorva Bhargava

Yoga Teacher

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Being a working mother I juggle between personal and professional life and having said so STESS and A MIND THAT IS FULL OF THOUGHTS come as a free gift. 

Sheer focus and a calm mind is what i was lacking at and meditation is a practice which could have helped me with both. However i never wanted to go the philosophical way wherein i am asked to sit, close my eyes and focus.

I was looking at someone who could help me understand meditation, how it works and then practice it.Zainab is the person who has explained the shade of meditation and the course with her has helped me to understand meditation in a holistic way.

Her approach, her explanations has made the entire process achievable. The sharing

of her meditation journey and her life experiences have made the learning process much more easier for me.

I am looking forward to more of sessions with her to further enhance my learnings about meditation. 

I would like to recommend her to all who is looking forward to start their journey of knowing their inner self.

Hi, My name is Kavitha.

I have undergone a lot of changes after joining the meditation course with my Zainab mam. I have learned sometimes we do not even care about the small things in our lives but during the course, I have learnt do even the smallest things with full focus.


I have learnt to concentrate on one task at a time. I learned to think about myself and understand myself. Meditation has become a very useful tool for us to help me learn about myself. I wholeheartedly thank you for the teachings in the course.   

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I was looking for a clear, focused and calm mind, and the meditation course with Zainab did just that. Zainab explained the nuances of meditation so clearly and made it so achievable.


She took the doubts and confusion out by going step-by-step, in explaining what to expect, the different types of meditations, the setback we often have in our practice and how to overcome them to make it a lifelong sustainable practice.


Through her own life’s experiences, she gave an insight into how transformative and profound meditation can be, and when inculcated as habit can bring immense benefit to our physical and mental wellbeing.


It was so wonderful to be able to join from across the world in the live sessions and embark on this meditative journey. I definitely look forward to more sessions with her in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking to start or enhance their meditative practice.


Shalini Wahi

Brisbane, Australia

It's a great course covering all the fundamental information to teach Prenatal Yoga & Meditation. The teachers' wealth of knowledge and passion for yoga and meditation shines through their work. I am so happy to have found this program and learn from such amazing teachers. I really valued how the content was presented, organized, condensed, and simplified. The anatomy classes were very digestible and easy for me to learn the material, structure my classes, and teach it. It gave me all the confidence I need to teacher Prenatal Yoga. It is very affordable and a self-pace journey since it's an online course. Highly recommend this course, I’ve loved it! Thank you 🙏🌈  Anjali, Mauritius

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Namaste! This is Lavanya working as a yoga instructor in Bangalore, India.
Initially I had no interest in doing the prenatal course because one should have proper knowledge on anotomy and many aspects.so I was bit scared. But my students and friends were asking about what they should do , what shouldn't do ... etc so many questions, so I thought to do a course on prenatal. And I found yogesh sir's page in Instagram and joined their prenatal course. 
Coming to the course, this course was well designed by yogesh sir and zainab mam .